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World Pink - KLCC Road Show

The Pink Road Shows are at KLCC Concourse between 16th-18th October. There are loads going on, from talks about breast cancer awareness, breast examinations, the Pink Photo Wall and items for sale for the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund.

I headed to the breast self-examination booth first as I missed it during the Walk for World Pink. I was never sure whether I was doing my self examinations correctly so finally learned more about it. The ladies from Brast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) were there to assist me and showed my how it is properly done on model breasts that ranged from one that was normal/lump-free, one that had small lumps but considered normal during the period time and one that had cancerous lumps. I then had a free clinical examination done by a doctor from Pantai Medical Centre. Before you ask, it was a female doctor and very professional. It took less than 5 minutes.

Learn How To Do A Breast Self-Examination

No lumps - With Fibrocyctis Tissue - With lumps

Picture time! To celebrate my lump-free self I headed to the World Pink Photo Wall. Just donate RM10 and get your picture taken with the World Pink background in partnership with Sony Cyber-shot. Did I mention they print out 2 copies, 1 goes onto the Wall and the other for you to bring home. Yay! I pasted mine somewhere at the top left corner. If it's still there..

They are also still selling the Estee Lauder Lip Design Set at RM80 as well as t-shirts and pink ribbon pins. If can get a t-shirt, pin plus a pink bag for RM50. It all goes to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund!

I made it a point to go for the evening talk from 6-7pm titled Breast Cancer - What You Need to Know given by Dr. Patricia Gomez, a breast surgeon with Pantai Medical Centre. It covered the basic need to know about breast cancer. Very informative!

There were goodie bags given for the first 40 to register for the talk. Always an incentive to come for such things. But come on, when it comes to something as serious as cancer, goodie bags is so trivial! Some aunties were damn kiasu! Stampeded their way to the goodie bags. I doubt that they were bothered about the talk.

I will be attending the other talks as well to ensure that I at least get my basic facts about breast cancer right. Breast cancer is the biggest killer among Malaysian women at present. Get yourself examined or know how to examine yourself!

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