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There and Back

We went out around midday to drop off some stuff to a guy in one of the local shops and chatted with him for a few minutes. Then we called into the charity shop so Bill could pick up a book he'd seen last week and wished he'd bought. While in the book room, I was happy enough to find a recent Maggie O'Farrell novel that I'd not yet read. I discovered her when we were still in Maine and requested all of the other books available at the time so I could catch up, but haven't read one since. After picking up this new reading material, we headed down to recycle cans and glass jars, but when we got there, there was a big truck with a claw in the back lifting one of the bins. We thought they might be emptying them, and we left, deciding to go back another time. We came home, had some lunch, and then, when he was doing the dishes, Bill saw the truck go by with several of the bins on the back. Hopefully they've been replaced, not removed.

Then it was off to the grocery store. On the way there, I noticed this single rosebud on an otherwise bare bush--a bright spot of red against the green background.
On the way home, the ship with the cranes up looked like a sculpture.
I think this is where the wind turbine parts come from--we saw a couple of blades going by last night, one at a time, on the back of trucks. This was going on a couple of weeks ago, too. They are quite a sight when they go by. We're on top of a hill and last night, I was upstairs, so was looking down at the road. It was dark and the blades are bright white, so they really stand out. They're so long--seems like they'll just go on forever. Today when we were chatting with the guy in the shop, he said they were going down to north Mayo. I remember when they were bringing parts through Moville and he had such a tough time going around a corner. Even before the corner, it wasn't easy to get up the narrow main road with cars parked all along either side:

The road here is wider, and they move the parts at night so there's less traffic.

Anyway, I was so glad when we got home and I could make a cup of tea. I settled in with a book about women and books in art and savoured my cuppa! I hope there are such pleasant moments throughout your day, too.

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