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The good and the bad

It was heartwarming to hear Australian footballer Nicky Winmar has connected with his gay son after not seeing him for many years. After a racist taunt from someone among the spectators back in 1993, Nicky proudly pointed to his Aboriginal dark skin. It became a famous Australian photo and I recall the twentieth anniversary of the photo being taken three years ago as well as the incident when it happened. It was taken I think by Herald Sun photographer, or was it just The Sun News Pictorial back then.

I guess the estrangement with his son was not hostile against his son but about an adult relationship breakdown between Nicky and his son's mother. Reunited, Nicky is very supportive of his gay son, Tynan. It doesn't sound like Tynan is in to football but tomorrow night is the first 'pride' Aussie Rules match between the teams St Kilda Saints and Sydney Swans. Publicity where it is needed. A couple of hours before I writing this we dined at a Thai restaurant in town, which I may name elsewhere, and we were served by a very competent Thai drag, or sex change, or a boi dressing in kind of men's clothes, but with full make up and hair arranged like a woman's, but wearing a man's watch. No one batted an eyelid, as they don't about such things in Thailand and Vietnam. The times are a changin' and have.

Tynan with his dad Nicky.

Doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart but this almost unrelated bit won't. Maybe the times aren't quite 'a changin' like we might think.

I think the Daily Beast is an electric only newspaper. I've seen it about the information  super highway but I have never tuned in, and certainly won't now. But then I am probably not its target market and obviously after this, nor are gays and lesbians. Let me link to it because of the disgraceful behaviour of one of its journalists. Ah, its Google headline says A smart, speedy take on the news from around the world. While you could meet the person of your dreams using the straight hook up app Tinder, it seems primarily a phone application to meet up with someone with whom you can satisfy your carnal urges. I would be as disapproving if this same journalist used Tinder to try to hook up with an opposite sex partner in the Olympic Village in Rio de Janero, but I wouldn't have written about it.

The gay equivalent of Tinder is called Grindr (sic). This piece of shit, one Nico Hines, a married man with children, downloaded the Grindr app and outside the Olympic Village, set it in action and within an hour had three connections with guys within the village. By the appearance of Nico Hines, they must have been desperate, or perhaps just seeking anonymous relief without being admired for their physical prowess and sports tally. It would probably be an acceptable story if that is as far as it went. This is Mr Hines, very ugly inside and I very kindly say rather plain on the outside.

Instead Hines wrote his story with detail that easily identified competitors from some countries by, well here is a copy and paste from the Star Observer; In his piece, Hines described a number of the gay athletes by physical appearance, the sport they compete in and the countries they are from – noting himself many are from homophobic countries.

Well, for many it was a dead give away as to who they were. While homosexuality is illegal in Tonga, gay competitor Amini Fonua took to Twitter. (Amini was raised in New Zealand and is a New Zealand citizen and so can be brave) 

And a very nice ass it is.

Daily Beast is obviously an electric newspaper that you can metaphorically line your cat litter tray with, if you don't have a birds in a cage.

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