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How To Increase The Speed Of Data Usage On Your Mobile Smartphone

To resolve the problem of slow and poor data connections, in which, when resolved will increased the speed of browsing the internet for the best user experience and data savings practice. Then consider using modern network type, like the 3G or 4G service.

To increased the speed of mobile data, on smartphones while browsing the internet, the flowing process highlighed below most be followed for a better and fast internet connections. We recommend that you use 3G or 4G data network and Connectivity for fast internet connection.

Check the network signal to see the strength of the network signal. Poor network signal can affect the connectivity of mobile data. Try change your location to see if it will affect the network signal strength. Better still, reach out to your network provider to address the signal coverage problem.


Check your phone network to see whether it is on 2G, 3G or in 4G. 2G network is quite slow compared to 3G or 4G network. Better still, change your current location to a different location for a better network experience. After all this, and the problem persist, just contact the network service provider in your region.

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And most importantly, they could be background apps that are sucking or consuming your data. Perhaps, you could use Accelerate to clean up background apps to accelerate the internet speed.

It only get better when you apply this steps highlighted above. Save data, speed up your data connection.

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