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Forgotten Halloween TV specials: The Teller and the Tale

 Growing up in New England in the 80s, my brothers and I had a number of favorite Halloween TV specials recorded on VHS that we watched over and over. Some of them are well known (obvious ones like Garfield's Halloween Adventure), but one I've been finding almost impossible to track down was a program from 1985 hosted by Sally Struthers called "The Teller and the Tale" (spoilers at that link, FYI), an anthology of ghost stories performed by famous storytellers, including the amazing Jackie Torrence

As far as I know, it only aired once, but we were lucky enough to record it on VHS. We watched it so many times, during Halloween season and throughout the year, that the video quality deteriorated rather badly and portions of it were ruined. I think it might still exist at my parent's house. 

I have searched in vain for the program in its entirety and have only found the clips featuring Jackie Torrence and Vincent Price thus far. 

I did find audio versions of two stories that are the same performers, but slightly different performances. I can't find any video at all of the Sally Struthers segments, nor the ones with paranormal investigator Hans Holzer.

Here are the stories in the order of how they would have appeared in this special - 

The Golden Arm

Wily and the Hairy Man

Old Man Daniker


The Raven

If anyone out there has any idea where to find this entire special, please let me know!

The Teller and the Tale on IMDB

The Teller and the Tale on TCM

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