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First Game on the new Terrain part 3

They exchange fire and men fall like flies.

It gets worse as the 103th must move to help the 89th on the left flank, and the 9th are all alone.
It dosn't take long before the regiment is destroyed, the lost over 240 men. and the rest tries to save them self.

This opens up the right flank and the rebs move to flank the yankie, but the price was high the 2nd NC is kaput, and the 4th is on it's own.

On the left flank the 89th NY has been scaterd and the 103st is all alone. they are now flanked and with out suport.

The 103st gives a few volleys before falling back. The rebs holds the field but they are batterd and in no mood to press their victory.

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