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eBay Wins #155

Today I've got one single card from 1993 Fleer, purchased for a penny on eBay. This one was actually part of a larger lot, but I like to split them up by set.

1993 Fleer #154 Will Clark
Players who get traded to the Cardinals for a partial season in the twilight of their careers just give me one more player to collect, since I like to have any card of a player who ever played for the Cardinals. With Will Clark being a 6-time all star, he has many cards to chase down through the years, especially the junk wax years. But, I think the only one I have picturing him as a Cardinal is from the Tis the Season box, which I posted just a few days ago. That's based on a cursory Zistle search of "Cards I Have" for "Will Clark" and "Cardinals". I get a lot of Jack Clark and Mark Clark, but only one of Will. He finished his career rather strongly in St. Louis - a 1.081 OPS in 51 games according to Baseball Reference -  but still opted to retire at the end of the 2000 season.

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Total Cards Bought3254
Total Spent$51.04
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