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A break in your regular viewing

Hi all

As you know I'm quite a prolific blogger, for a long time I would post 3x a week and recently I cut that down to 2x weekly due to my uni commitments.  Well I've finished uni now (unless I top up my degree) but sadly I'm still going to have to take a break for the rest of the month.  This is due to real life stuff, but it is GOOD stuff.

Over the next few weeks I'll be on a course where I enter an EMT and emerge as a registered Paramedic! Yes next week I'll be on my "Transition to Practice" course, where I'll be going through the last few assessments before taking up a post as a paramedic in an Ambulance Service Trust in the UK.  That of course, is dependent on my degree results which will be moderated a couple of weeks later.  

Obviously none of this is of any concern to anybody here, but I would like to tell people the reason why it's so quiet in da Grotto until next month.  I will be putting out a single post on the other blog I write on "Veni, Vidi, Nerdi", which I'm busy writing up and is a report on our first 'Ancients' battle but other than that, there will be no more posts until the start of Zombtober.

Yes I have signed up for Zombtober, hopefully I should be able to knuckle down to serious zombie painting after my "TTP" and boy have I got an ambitious project in mind.  I will be 'bending' the rules of Zombtober a little and I hope Pulp Citizen forgives me for it, but in the end I think it will pay dividends.  I will still be posting every Sunday (and only Sunday) as required by the rules and all of my painting will be dedicated to zombies. However, my posts will mostly be WiPs rather than finished miniatures as I will be attempting to paint this lot by the end of the month....

Yes, there is every unpainted zombie I currently have in da Grotto - a whooping 94!  This should be very challenging indeed considering I will be working full time.  My ambition will be to have the whole lot painted and based to tabletop standard by Halloween.  Just to break it down for you that is 40 Zombies from Mega Miniatures - an American Company that I believe doesn't trade anymore.

31 Wargames Factory zombies, three females and the rest the rather disappointing males...

and 23 Mantic zombies from "The Walking Dead" game of which I have a few sets (I still haven't done anything with yet....).

All of the zeds have been primed and I'm ready to go, wish me luck

see you on the flip side

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