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The Owl and the Pussycats

Yesterday evening I decided to try to photograph the Barn Owl 
who regularly patrols the boundary of our garden.      
I stood next to the big ash tree in the corner
and waited...  
?the same Barn Owl - a photograph I took last year
near the fish ponds opposite Owl Wood.

It was cold and flying insects were feasting on me.
 I could hear the rustle of creatures moving through the wheat field margins.
Rats, I imagined, especially as I had seen a medium-sized one run through the garden earlier.
However, I stuck to my post, determined to get a great photograph.  

Bennie investigating the rustling sounds.

The cats appeared from nowhere and wouldn't leave me.
Sparky performed circus tricks on 
the fence posts while
Bennie sniffed around the garden.
Toby Too watched from the conservatory,
desperate to join in.
I ignored him.

"I can do this standing on my head, watch..."

Eventually even the cats got bored and moved away.
On any normal night the Barn Owl would have flown down one side of the garden,
turned at the big ash tree
and then swooped up and down the wheat field
hunting for supper.

"This is boring, I'm going in."

I gave up after an hour.
I was cold, frustrated, bitten to pieces by those darned insects.

Today, I got up early and
saw to the hens, the cats and the dog
and then made myself a hot drink
and went into the conservatory
to think about the day ahead.

Five minutes later, the Barn Owl suddenly
 flew around  the conservatory,
across the vegetable garden,
past the old summer house
and disappeared into 
Owl Wood!

I borrowed this illustration from the RSPB
'My' owl is much lighter in colour
and every bit as beautiful.

It was amazing.
S/he was no more than six feet away from me,
I got to see her in great detail.
A beautiful bird.

Of course I had no camera to hand.

Happy Monday.

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