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Sorting Posts, Packing Out

As I noted in the previous post, I started The Crow with a different purpose in mind than what it seems to have become. I'm splitting off the more personal posts to a separate blog, where I will continue to write about the reclamation of my life. Although not to everyone's liking, I need to keep writing these posts, to sort out what happens, and track my progress. Perhaps my daughter will someday find value in them. I'll keep The Crow for less personal matters and for "random observations."
If interested in reading the other material, which will probably be pretty dull, send me your email address and I'll pass along the URL to the other blog.
Thank you all for your responses and friendship.
(PS: Oil man comes in the morning; husband has helped, for which I am most grateful. Turned up the heat as soon as I got home. Warm is good.)

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