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New Project 2016

I finally decided upon a project for this year. I was wanting something with smallish battles that could be fought on a club night, but still wanting to see regiments and Artillery etc. So I plumbed for the American Revolution. It was also good opportunity to visit Vapnartak  in York and pick up the first figures that I needed.

Show loot
As can be seen I picked up a couple of boxes of the Perry Continental infantry as well as a couple of blisters of Militia. Tom has kindly agreed to collect the British. We've decided just to use the Black Powder rules that we are familiar with, so I picked up a copy of the Rebellion supplement as well as some flags from Maverick Models.

Rebellion  and flags
Luckily I've already a small number of Militia figures I used in my FIW collection which will be rebated and mixed with the new figures.

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