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Nail Polish: Crackle Polish: Crackle Polish Summary



So This is time for Sally Hansen to join the crackle club, I wonder  when high street brands like Zoya, Essie, Orly will join this club,  Models Own, Barry M already joined the club Color Club is the next to Join the club.


I am not sure if this crackle business getting excited or start to be boring,  depends on you actually, if you have lots of money to throw to drain go and buy all the shades from whole crackle series Smile Unfortunately I am not that rich, and I do not get freebies! If you are one of the guys that PR’s is your best friend lucky you.. 

Well beauty brands knows our weakest link, cosmetics,  if a has just launched crackle polishes few weeks later we hear  that b is also launching  crackle  polish, it is like you think i can not do it…


I do love crackle polish, but this crackle polish craziness is going on for the last 6 months and as I understand it will go until end of 2011



If we go back and summarise the Crackle guys lets see what will we get


China Glaze Crackle Metals launched in June £5.50

OPI launched Black Shatter with Katy Perry Collection £10.50

China Glaze launched Crackle Collection in December 2010 £5.50 each

Mia Secret have Crackle Polishes ( 14 polishes)£4.39 each

W7 have Black , White, Siver & Gold Shatter £2.45 each

Barry M have 4 crackle Polishes, Pink,White, Blue & Black

OPI launched 5 new crackle polishes Serena Williams Collection £10.50 each

Sally Hansen launched crackle polishes

17 launched gold  crackle polish

Models Own launched crackle polishes £5.00

Nails Inc launched crackle polishes £11.00 each

New Look have Black Shatter £3.50 each

LCN have crackle polish £64.99 set of 9

La Femme have crackle polish £6.89 each

Stargazer have crackle polish £2.99 each

Yifei have crackle polishes £5.49

Evie Mai have crackle polishes ( not sure about the prices)

Beauty UK have 3 crackle polishes

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