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Hot Chocolate Bar Talk

Excuse me for kick-starting your chocolate cravings, but that is why you visit. Right?  Here's a chocolate (re)post to add sweetness to your week. Enjoy. 


Oh Henry, Oh Henry. Give me a Kiss, Big Hunk. Babe Ruth might score the home runs with his Lady Fingers, but I prefer your Whopper to that Dud's Curly Wurly. Let's hit the dark bar for some nibbling. After all, it's Pay Day, and we've got $100,000 to eat up. I know it's been a Rocky Road, Toots, but we made it Twix all the Snickers and Crunch. I'm not into M&M or a 3 Musketeers. I just want S'more of your Nutty self. No Junior Mints or Raisinettes for this Kit Kat. I'm talking the most organic Whatchamacallit this side of the Milky Way.

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