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Hobby Friday- Two days late and a brain cell short

So over the weekend I got a few chances to play around with the airbrush.  I think there are a few successes, as well as failures which are obvious when looking at the pieces.  It will certainly help me begin to have an appreciation for the process and what it takes to properly care of a tool like an airbrush.  But who cares about that, right?  Lets see those successes and failures!

The above image was a Soul Grinder I had painted quite a while ago.  The red bits were once blue and weren't highlighted well, followed with a gold trim.  It was a tedious process to paint, and so far I much prefer the airbrush!

These are very hard to judge.  On the one hand, I didn't finish the wheel rims with the airbrush, but I'm thinking it will be easier to paint using a hand brush and add highlights using the airbrush.  The distribution of brown over the yellow is growing on me and matches the Tactical Marine in the image much better than when I used the same process as the Marine.  Hopefully when I start painting details it will look much better, but for now I'm on the fence.

Well, that is all the hobby work I did the last couple days.  Soon I will tackle making the weapons for the Las-Plas Razorback and some other bits.  Till then, take care!

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