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Did someone say Wood (mini!)

As all of my faithful readers know I pulled a Mike Trout wood mini a few years ago from a Ginter box. I ended up selling it a little while ago for a good price to a wood mini collector. That same collector messaged me and gave me a heads up that this card was for sale. I made a super strong bid at the end and it ended well below my maximum. Happy to re-enter the wood mini club.

Also, big controversy this year with wood minis. I don't think they were packed out except in rip cards. Kinda sucks for the collectors and breakers. Those are fun cards to hit and definitely carry value. Don't know if Topps ever responded to the people's inquiries.

From 2011 Ginter! Isn't in perfect condition but it fits perfectly into my Ryan Howard PC. Rather fun cards in hand. Reminds me a bit of that old 90s insert Lumber Company.

1996 Fleer Lumber Company. Pretty great Piazza card.

Thanks for reading! I have to get to scanning for Gint a Cuff. Probably won't win  but I always enjoy it!

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