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Daphne goes to a Wedding: Part Two

 Daphne and Colette are so excited to see each other again!!

"You look lovely," says Daphne!!

"So do you!!" says Colette as they hug.
 "Relax and have a glass of wine and tell me all about your trip from the left coast," says Daphne as they settle down on the sofa.

"It was okay," says Colette, "but I didn't get my own seat like you did, I had to travel in a cardboard box inside a suitcase. I am exhausted!"
"Well, that's over now. Just relax and tell me what's been going on. We still have a few hours before we have to be at the church." says Daphne

"Sounds good," says Colette. "Please hand me a glass of that wonderful looking Rosé."

"We also have  bottle of champagne on the table behind us if we run out of Rosé." says Daphne.

Will the girls finish both bottles of wine? Will they make it to the church on time? Will the have to travel in a purse? Will the bride be frightened by two tiny and unsteady guests?

Stay tuned and find out in the third episode of Daphne goes to a wedding!

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