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Come enjoy The Darkness

If you have not read any of these Henry Parker novels by Jason Pinter then you need to. The best part is that most can be read as stand alone novels.

This book continues the story from the prior novel, The Fury. As we learned in the last book, Henry learned that he had a brother named Stephen Gaines. Henry and Stephen’s relationship was very short as Stephen was murdered. The prime suspect is none other then Henry Parker’s father. Henry must clear his father’s name before it is too late. Luckily for Henry, his old mentor, Jack O’Donnell has agreed to help.

Paulina Cole, Henry’ rival has been kidnapped. She was released later but on one condition…Paulina has to publish a story. Could Paulina’s kidnapping somehow related to Stephan Gaines’s death?

I have read several books by Mr. Pinter now and I have to say that I have enjoyed every one of them. I am a fan. The Darkness is a one sit read! Mr. Pinter will get your adrenaline pumping with his Henry Parker novels. Henry is a combination of Clark Kent mixed with a hound dog. Once Henry is on the trail, he is hard to derail; in addition to underneath Henry’s exterior does lay a nice guy. I can’t believe how this book ended. It was a surprise to me. In the author’s notes, Mr. Pinter mentions that this story is fiction but it is based loosely on true events. To think that events like this did happen makes this story scary. I am looking forward to reading The Invited.

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