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Art. And cake.

The other day - being retired people with a bit of leisure - we walked along to the Gallery of Modern Art for coffee and cake. Things are getting quite autumnal now. We looked at this land sculpture, which I quite like from this angle but don't like at all from the road, where you see it from the back, from which angle it looks like a deformed hill. And after all, far more people do see it from the back as they go along the road than come into the gallery to admire the modern art (or in our case to visit the coffee shop).

Rowan berries make a beautiful splash of colour. I probably prefer them to most modern art. We say in Scotland that a rowan (or gean) keeps evil spirits away. Right enough, there didn't seem to be any of those at the gallery.

I wonder how long this fine piece will avoid being stolen by metal thieves. I wonder how much I would miss it. Maybe not all that much. (I would miss Mr L much more.)

Then we walked home along the river.

Sometimes retirement definitely beats working.

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