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Alyssa Milano Wants You To Know She Isn't Pregnant

Once you get married in Hollywood then all that is left for the tabloids is to keep throwing out those pregnancy rumors and hoping that one day they will stick. They just keep trying with whoever is having a bumpish week that week and then keep trying and trying.

Alyssa Milano is sick of it though and wants you to know she isn't pregnant and for everyone to get off the Alyssa is pregnant train once and for all. She wrote on her Twitter page, "Rumors that I am pregnant are still false and still annoying. Please, please, please refrain from retweeting such rumors." I wonder if the reason for her annoyance is that her family keeps calling her and asking if the rumors are true. I mean if not, then what is the big deal? Sure, it is a pain but at least it is a harmless rumor. They aren't accusing her of doing something awful.

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