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A Little Moan.

After working 49 hours over the past 9 days (63 hours if you include the time wasted commuting) I am sorry to say my blog has suffered first hand. This neglect is inexcusable and with 2 weeks off before jet-setting I'll be sure to do a few half decent posts (or so I think). I know, 'welcome to the real world' but when you're used to working 8 hours a week it comes as quite a shock. My poor body doesn't know what it has done wrong but it'll thank me when I next step on the scales.

When I say I have 2 weeks off, I mean no Topshop. I have a photoshoot next week (for which I'm to anticipate a red crop - hair obviously). Hopefully, it'll look smashing because I'll have it for my birthday at the weekend. Talking of birthdays, I treated myself to a little outfit..

I also snapped up a couple of bargains in the sale before it started on Thursday..

Over and out, until I have the brain power to string a half decent sentence.

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