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The Opening Entry for the Analogue Hobbies Vaccination Challenge.

 Welcome to the Analogue Hobbies Vaccination Challenge!

I thought I'd kick off the AHVC with a figure that would help salve the thoughts of those folks who are feeling uneasy about the upcoming jab.

This figure is from Uncle Mike, the publisher of Strange Aeons. I describe this model as Sarah describes me: A little rough around the edges, perhaps a little sketchy, but with lots of character.

We've been told that my age bracket (It's *cough* 24 *cough*, if you must ask.) is scheduled for vaccinations in late April/early May, so for my personal goal, I'm hoping to get 120 points done before I bow out.

This fellow will give me 5 points towards that target.


Administrative Stuff

The Vaccination Challenge (VC) is open to all who have not had their Covid-19 vaccination. If you're interested in participating just drop me an email at curtcampbell aht mac doht com.

I will serve as moderator until the last participant is vaccinated, or interest wanes.

The only rule is that once a participant has received their vaccination they will be allowed one last farewell post before they withdraw from the Challenge.

Participants can post as much as they like, set up duels, conduct side challenges, etc. Feel free to use the point structure from the AHPC as a basis if you wish (which I'm using for my points tracking).

Stay safe, play nice and have fun. 

- Curt

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