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Sunday catching up

Last week we had some record breaking temperatures here in the UK.  Monday & Tuesday were particularly hot, Monday was the hottest July day ever recorded!  We don't get very many days like that here, and I think I am thankful for that, it was just too much.  Of course that sort of weather also brings thunder storms, and we have had a couple of good ones, Friday night/Saturday morning was a really good one, right overhead for sometime.  I love a good storm, don't you?

So, while we have been breaking heat records I have been getting ready for when the weather turns, by knitting up a scarf :-)

I used James C Brett Chunky with Merino, the pattern is a Patons freebie I found on-line. 

I love how it turned out :-)

Something that I forgot to share last time was this...

My new car :-)

I've had it since June 15th and I absolutely LOVE it.  Its a Citroen DS3, in case you are wondering, and it a dream to drive :-)

That's all for now, I'm off to catch a bit of TV time.

Until next time

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