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Painted: Kobolds

Minifigs Kobolds

These wretched, nasty dogmen delight in the basest forms of torture, the most unsporting and opportunistic of murders, and ghoulish traps of many an exotic variety. Whatever you do, don't let their cuteness fool you—it's their strongest means of defense!

Manufacturer: Minifigs
Line: Dungeons & Dragons
Set: KL1-5 Kobolds
Release date: 1977
Date painted: 2011
Notes: These are converted. The crests, horns and diamond-shaped back and chest plates were added. A few were given arm and weapon swaps.

A collage of kobold shields. I designed these on paper before transferring to the miniatures and took inspiration from shield designs from our own world. The shields are about 1/4 the size of my thumbnail.

Kobolds Shields

Lots more pics of the finished figs on flickr in case you're interested, including rear views and individual shots.

Here's what I started with:

Minifigs Kobolds

I took the shots of the plain lead for the Lost Minis Wiki (and they're also on flickr of course).

And here's a size comparison. They're tiny; some of the few I've seen that approach the size they should be. They're about 3' 4" in 25mm scale, where the Monster Manual says 3". Pardon the gloss; they hadn'tt got their dullcote when this pic was taken.

Minifigs Kobolds WIP

And here's a pic of the conversions I did. Despite being official D&D figures they were missing some key elements I like about the Monster Manual art. I added the crests, embellished what used to be plain, circular chest and back plates, and made horns out of the little dull nubs they had previously. And don't get me started about what a royal pain it was cutting and filing their bases into an oval shape.

Minifigs kobolds (showing conversions)

More WIP shots are on flickr.

Ok, that's it for now! I actually launched into a long general commentary on kobolds' place in the game and the various kobold figs you can use for 25mm but this is a long one already and the night is wearing on so I will save that for a future post.

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