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Oh God, my eyes, my sore and tired editor's eyes

I've just finished revising chapter 3 (magic) of the Core Rules. It took all day, but I finished it. Which means that having knocked out chapters 1–3, I've successfully finished going through about 20% of the entire book, and all I have to do to be back where I was before the damned pandemic is to run through chapter 4 (technology) again. Thankfully, that should go much faster: the technology chapter is a bit shorter than the magic chapter, and I didn't make as many ill-advised changes to it during my previous revision pass that I need to renege on now. (I never converted the list of high-tech inventions to an OSE format like I did with magic; I only gave that treatment to the tech's 0-level gadgets and daily chemical preparations, but that's easily fixed.)

Chapter 4 does need to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb to make sure that it comports with any changes I've made to weapons and combat so far, because the technology rules interact with the weapon rules a lot. Many of the tech's inventions straight up are weapons, after all, so of course that's going to be the case. Hopefully I can do what I've done with the magic chapter and simplify, simplify, simplify, eliminating needless corner-cases and exceptions from the rules wherever I find them. 

But for now, it's late. For now, I sleep.

BIG OL' EDIT: And now I've finished chapter 4. Took longer than I thought, but I'm glad I gave it a thorough pass, I caught plenty of typos and other minor grammatical fuck-ups as I went.

Now it's onto chapter 5, the referee's miscellany, which is where I give all of the rules for building campaigns, stocking dungeons, placing treasure, and awarding XP. It's also where I used to wax poetic about what it meant for a game to be OSR, but now I have to rewrite all of my philosophizing to comport with the tabletop adventure game ethic that I adhere to now. Oh, and chapter 5 is where I've squirreled away the demihuman classes, so as to keep the game suitably humanocentric. 

Question for anyone who reads this: I don't have any mechanic like infravision in my game (I hate anything that renders light-sources unnecessary), but would it still be worthwhile to include other minor special abilities for the non-human character types? I feel like I can put such things back again, now that I've returned to race-as-class and level limits. But I'm not certain that I should.

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