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Metamorphosis Alpha Creatures, or Things to Kill Adventurers with: Part 3

This is the Third and final entry in the original trilogy of creatures my daughter created for me to use in Metamorphosis Alpha. I give you the:

 AC: 8      Hit Points: 6 - 24 (depending upon size)
Movement: 2 in water only    No. App.: 2-16
Rad Res: 18       Con: 1 - 4 ( by size)
Men Res: 3         Str: 3
Dex: 3

Stinger Tendrils: Intensity 14 paralytic Poison.

Defect: none

Bioluminosity - range 10', duration 3 hours, Mutation Manual pg. 4.

Radiated Eyes variant: The Lunartipse can store up radiation and release it bursts like a grenade. They can do this once every 4 melee rounds in a 5 yard radius. Intensity level 10.

The Lunartipse would most likely be found on Deck 15, or any large body of water.

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