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Littlewood Agapanthus Farm Garden Party!

Hi guys! Recently I had the pleasure of attending a delightful Garden Party at Littlewood Agapanthus Farm, located at Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills. In April last year, new owners John and Tracey Koumi took over the Farm, together with Tracey's son Sam and his wife Jenna. Their passion for the beauty of the gardens is evident, and they've really breathed new life into South Australia's largest Agapanthus Farm. Having explored the farm in an informative walking tour and relaxed in the surrounds for an afternoon, I can say this is a stunningly picturesque location that would be perfect for fully-catered events, weddings and functions. There are lakes, birdhouses, garden seats and quaint walking paths, not to mention 100,000 agapanthus plants across 60 gorgeous acres!

On arrival, we were offered a glass of champagne, and honestly, who am I to say no? Despite it being a chilly day, my mortal enemies the rain and wind stayed away, setting us up for a highly enjoyable afternoon. There were heat lamps dotted about, providing some cosy spots to chat and socialise. Fairy lights added to the charm, and the wine barrels were the perfect touch on a lush green hilltop. Under cover, there were chairs and tables with pretty floral vases, a bar, a live band (yassss!) and a large table with an impressive gourmet spread to delight the eyes and the tastebuds!

Let's talk food! The catering was provided by Sticks & Stone Events, and it was outstanding. On the main grazing table were a selection of nuts, olives, crackers, crispbreads and a delicious array of gourmet cheeses. Perfect for a cheese lover like me! There were also platters of deli meats (so yummy!) and a colourful display of healthy fresh fruits. The pineapple, oh my! Throughout the day, waiters brought around Sliders (I missed out, but hubby nabbed one) and the yummiest crispy Pizza pieces, with a variety of different toppings. Such friendly and courteous staff too, they were an absolute pleasure.

The beverages were delicious too. I sampled nearly every drink variety (purely for you guys of course, I knew I'd be writing this!) and I was not disappointed. I'm going to put them in preference order for you, from knock-your-socks-off delish to still-pretty-yummy. The Limoncello Cocktail is first, because of its impeccable flavour combination plus bonus points for being highly photogenic. Then the Rose because it was fruity, pink and pretty, followed by the Champagne because bubbly is such a special occasion drink so it was apt. Finally, the White wine, which was still pretty yummy, as mentioned above, because something had to come last, that's how lists work! I didn't try the Red wine despite loving it, because I didn't want my teeth to get discoloured {#truthbomb}. There was also plenty of lemon water available which hubby informed me was refreshing, lol.

'Agapanthus', also known as the African Lily, comes from the Greek words for love (agape) and flower (anthos). These pretty babies thrive in South Australia's climate and can even survive in extreme conditions. If you have a dog that has a daily three hour nap on your agapanthus, said agapanthus may be heard defiantly stating "Is that all you've got?!". These plants produce purple and white flowers in Spring and Summer, but happily show off vibrant green leaves all year round. Littlewood boasts 12 varieties of Agapanthus, including the Guilfoyle, Dutch Blue Giant, Perpetual Peace and the common Standard Praecox Orientalis. As well as being ideal for catered events, weddings or picnics with friends, Littlewood continue to run the Nursery where you can buy your own Agapanthus plants!

Our parting gift was a super-cute Miniature Blue Agapanthus (see photo below) which I gave to my Dad for babysitting our son all afternoon. He loves plants and definitely has a green thumb. Despite the agapanthus being notoriously impossible to kill, I still trust Dad with my 'lil aggie-baby more than I do myself! We had such a fabulous time and will definitely be returning when the flowers are blooming! 

You can visit Littlewood Agapanthus Farm at 69 Easlea Road, Littlehampton, SA.
Open Friday - Monday 10am-4pm, with other times by appointment.

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Disclaimer: I was invited to attend as a guest, and all food and drinks were provided. Reviews are my honest opinion. There are no affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page for further information.

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