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#761 - Jerry Remy

What a card: Jerry Remy's 1984 season was cut short by continued knee problems. He was done playing not even halfway through the season and retired in 1985. This is his final Topps card.

My observation on the front: If you had to come up with a prototype of a second baseman from my childhood it would be Jerry Remy.

More opinion from me: Remy was a favorite when I was a kid. I liked his Angels cards and then was thrilled when the Red Sox acquired him.

Something you might know: Remy became a longtime broadcaster for the Red Sox very shortly after his career ended. He dealt with another recurrence of lung cancer in 2017.

Something you might not know: Remy was one of a few early 1980s baseball players to pose in Playgirl in various states of undress. Others were George, Brett, Dennis Eckersley, Dan Ford, Phil Garner, Rickey Henderson, Steve Stone and Steve Yeager.

My observation on the back: Given Remy's eastern Massachusetts roots and that prominent Boston accent, it's a wonder he escaped the area for three years in California.

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