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You wield the primal powers of wind and sky, nature's fury shaped by your will. You are a tempest of righteous rage, a swirling storm of steel, adrenaline flowing through your veins like lightning.

A GLOG-ification of a 5e Barbarian subclass; Berserk stolen wholesale from deus ex parabola.

Start with: a medium or heavy weapon of your choice, medium armor, an impressive amount of scars, shredded pecs, an animal-hide cloak, an uncanny sense of coming weather 

A: Berserk, Sheltered from the Storm
B: Raging Storm
C: Whirlwind
D: Furious Storm

Berserk: You possess a pool of rage points, starting with 2 at A and gaining another at each level. You may expend a point at the beginning of combat to receive half damage from all sources for the duration, or when performing a feat of strength to automatically roll a 20. A crack of thunder accompanies each expenditure.

Regain a point whenever you eat a big meal and get a good night's rest, or when you go without food or rest to brood on your many enemies. While your pool is full, make a Save against flying off the handle whenever you face disrespect.

Sheltered from the Storm: Extreme environments have no bearing on you. You move unhindered through harsh weather, suffer not the effects of severe cold, and may breathe underwater. Your claps sound as loud as thunder, and your steps may shake the ground.

Raging Storm: Whenever you enter a rage, the air around you now ignites. You may call down a single lightning strike anywhere you can see, inflicting 1d8 damage to everything adjacent to that spot. Clouds gather overhead, wind begins to howl, nearby doors and windows slam open. The storm continues to rage as long as you do.

Whirlwind: Each round, you may make an extra attack for free; alternately, you may forgo all other attacks in a round to strike each opponent you could reasonably hit a single time.

Furious Storm: You have become one with the spirit of the storms. Now, whenever you enter a rage, your lightning strikes instead deal 2d8 damage to those effected. While raging, all of your attacks deal an extra 1d6 to those they hit. Your wounds have no impact on you until the fighting's over.

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