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Russo-Swedish War of 1808 with a Difference...

Troopship from Scotland!
Since the beginning of this year I have been working on recreating the Swedish Army of the 1808 Russian invasion of Finland...using trolls.
Received a great many figures yesterday, all painted by the great staff painters at Alternative Armies. Were it not for them I never get a project done. I am a fair painter but slow, so spend my time on smaller projects.
I can claim to have add the flags though. These are from the wonderful research and generosity of Lars Rössle of Sweden.
Pictured here are three battalions of the Tavastehus regemente. 
The uniforms of the Tavastehus and Nylands are the grey coat of regiments raised in Finland rather than the more recognizable Swedish blue.

Three battalions of the Nylands regemente ,

 Two battalions of the Goteborg garnisonsregemente.
The Göteborgs garrison regiment had been disbanded in 1801, but apparently there were sizable forces present that used to compose that regiment, and they took to the field as the Russians approached. Their uniform is the basic Alternative Armies Trolkin uniform, which is a near enough match for the regiment's uniform at the time of its disbanding.

a couple of squadrons of dragoons, 

Three artillery crews.

... and some general officers.

...Also a druid, fantasy troll, and elves for a completely different project.

If you are still with me after all of that, thanks for stopping by as always!

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