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Progress: Izoum Hussars!

I finally finished these guys off and added them to my growing mass of Imperial Russians. Not my best effort, but they will add some strength in opposition of the French. The basing was a little different, kind of like what I did with the artillery pieces - started with a darker shade of brown earth tone. I am still not fond of this color scheme, preferring the lighter chestnut tone. The lighter tone makes the figures stand out on the tabletop even more.

Hussars support the assault!

The standard bearer for this unit will not be used at this point. A good friend suggested to me that I could use this model to represent a captured French flag - or Saxon, or whatever. What a great idea really. Perhaps I will add this model to a command stand or something. That would look perfect.

Two units worth of Russian grenadiers on the painting desk.

Next up are the Grenadier units. I am working on two units at the moment - about 100 figures in all. So far they are about 80% done as far as painting. I still have the shako cords and metal bits to paint up, not to mention basing and flocking. Also, I am not sure what these guys will be regarding regiments/division. I want a little variety in my armies , so I don't want everything to come from the same division.

Russian grenadiers.

Looking over what I have so far, I should be able to start fighting some battles with these guys very shortly - even right now! However, I am going to wait a little bit. I am afraid if I start playing battles I might slow down the painting. I do in fact need to get at least 300 more figures painted up - Russians!

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