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OPJ Chapter 10: What can a soldier do?

« Y… Yo… You … »

After a long time, the rest of the pirates came to their senses, looking at the bald man with horror.

“How can it be!?”

“Kong was killed in seconds with only one punch!”

“Even if it's fake made from deformed leaves, it will not be weak to this extent!?”


“It must be an illusion!”

“There must be an illusion!”

One of the pirates who seemed to be stitched by needles pointed at Saitama and roared: “He must have done something to kill him! Don't be afraid! As long as we rush up, we can cut this bald into pieces!!! ”

This roar has given courage to the pirates around.

So, those tyrants pirate who once dominated the sea, took out their weapons one after another, wrapped themselves around with armed Haki, and brutally rushed into Saitama!

“Death for you!”

“I'm going to kill you!”

“Let you see our power, our real power who competed with the Four Emperors for hegemony!”

“You’re a dead man.”


Countless terrible voices were heard around.

However, Saitama did not panic, and his face was still as listless as a salted fish.

In the midst of this fuss, Saitama bowed, carried Smoker on his shoulder and jumped at a terrible speed to break the siege he was in. The pirates were unable to understand and see what had happened. More than half of them were killed, and they didn't know how or when that happened.

“Sorry, I borrowed him”

Saying that Saitama has quickly rushed over with the stunned Smoker toward the road.

Behind him, the pirate bodies began to shrink and disappear until they became invisible, to turn after that into scattered leaves falling everywhere without a trace.

The following crowds of people were shocked. Everything was like a dream.

The villains who used to be the town nightmare were all killed by a baldheaded man that looked like a weak chicken!

“This man…”

“This is insane!”

“Who is it?”

It took a long time for the first responders, a surprised cry awakened the rest of the people around.

A cry confirmed what just happened, led to a hysterical wave of tears and laughter. They didn't think that one day they will be free from those pirates.

Speeding back with Smoker, and not far away from the marine forces, Saitama noticed that the sound of the fierce fighting has gradually subsided: “Hmmm… I think that Garp had controlled the situation”.

Smoker briefly woke up for a while, and when he found out that he was saved by a strange person, he thanked him and barely said: “who are you... the Marines?”

“Ah… I’m Saitama… A Hero for fun!”

“A what!  Nevermind the Navy?”


Saitama glanced at Smoker behind him and said, “Back to sleep Mr. Smoker, there's no problem. Mr. Garp tracked your call location and came for duty. We will handle the rest...”

“No... It's not that simple...”

Smoker coughed violently twice, gritted his teeth and said reluctantly, “The... guy who calls himself 'Patrick Redfield'... There's a kind of 'deformed leaf' that can be transformed into anyone... Even Mr. Garp, in that despicable way... Not necessarily... Cough!”

“Is that so?”

Saitama frowned. “No wonder Mr. Garp call the other guy fake...”

Smoker tried to hold himself awoke: “So... Hurry up to Headquarters... we need to ask for help...”

“That's not necessary.”

Saitama looked back and showed a brilliant smile: “Please rest assured, I am here!”

A shining smile, to be the last thing Smoker sees before going back to sleep.

When Saitama returned to the port, he found himself in the middle of a bloody battle.

Garp was lying on the ground, and blood covered all over his whole body. On the other side, the entire marine army was destroyed, only the 'Redfield' who was standing in front of them unharmed.

“Hmm… after all, my hunch wasn't all wrong! It was a bloody battle here.”


“No matter how strong he is, it's impossible to beat so many legends alone...”

Redfield leaned on his umbrella and looked at the heroes who had been defeated by Garp: “Whether is you or Newgate, after all, over the years you'll lose your power, when you are young, you will become stronger, but then when you grow up, you will be weak... So it took me several years to find the ‘Bat-Bat Fruit: Model Vampire’ that would make me immortal and youthful forever”.

“Ah! Lonely Garp…”

Redfield raised his umbrella to Garp's eyebrow: “Now, I am ready to be the pirates King. No one can stop me, no matter the Marineford, the world government or even the four emperors... I am the new Pirates king! And today, it will be the beginning sign of my plan to conquer the 4 Blue... and to be honest with you Garp, I wanted to sacrifice the head of Loguetown Lieutenant Colonel in the place where Roger died as a blood sacrifice, but... I appreciate your head more... ha ha ha!”

Then, Redfield armed the top of his umbrella with Haki and was about to pierce Garp's head.

But at this most critical moment, Redfield felt that a finger touched his shoulder then a voice said:

“Hey! Old man!”

Saitama put Smoker down, and in a terrible speed went in front of Redfield and stopped the umbrella by just one finger and said: “I won't let you do that, surrender immediately!”

Hearing Saitama's voice, Garp, who fell to the ground, barely raised his head.

One of the happiest smiles appeared on Garp's face: “You... You're finally back!!”

Saitama smiled and scratched his head: “Ah, I'm sorry, it took a while to find the punishment platform. Otherwise, it will be faster...”

“But it’s just in front from here! How do you get lost!?” Garp said it with a poker face.

Looking to Saitama, Redfield was shocked, ‘was that who’s Garp was waiting for? A baldhead man with a thin body and fish face? Even his voice tone is light...’ Suddenly Redfield felt pity for Garp.

“Is he the reinforcement you're waiting for? That's ridiculous...”

The Red Count held his head proudly and looked contemptuously at Saitama's baldhead: “Now, what can you do soldier?”

At super speed, Redfield turned behind Saitama and hit his bald head with his foot, but it did not affect him, barely felt the hit. Saitama looked at Red count and said with his fish face: “what are you doing?”

Quickly, Redfield retreaded, Waved his umbrella in the air towards Saitama, and hit him with red 'shock waves.' But nothing happened to him.

In insane speed, Saitama moved in front of Red-count, looked to his eyes and said: “time to go!”

And with one punch, he threw Redfield away to fall dead.

Saitama asked Garp while looking at him: “Are you all right, Garp-san?”

“Oh, there's nothing...”

Even with blood in his face, Garp crossed his hands and legs while sitting on the ground, laughing: “I told this old man that not only him who has helpers, I either have a strong reinforcement... So he has been waiting for you for a long time ... Ha ha ha ha...”

“Ah! OK”

Saitama looked at the red count on the ground and waved his hand: “I am sorry, I have kept you waiting.”

Poor Reid, he was ready to become the new pirate king, but he died by a bald man in his first day with the marine forces.

Garp's laughing tears were coming down, but he quickly wiped his wound in the corner of his mouth and took a breath: “Oh...” when he found that Saitama was looking at him, immediately became a red-faced man, posing like a tough one: “Cough… I mean… How is Smoker?”

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