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My Chocolate Coma

I have some pretty awesome cousins on both sides, but if there were a contest, let me tell you who is pulling away from the pack.........Jessica.

Jessica decided that for her birthday she wanted a bunch of us to join her on a chocolate adventure. A few weeks ago we got chocolate candy bars with gold tickets inviting us to join her at the Cafe Fleuri in the Langham Hotel. You can't imagine how I have been looking forward to this!

The crowd included my sisters, my nieces, my father's sister, our cousins on our father's side. All told 15 chocolate lovers............

Jen put together a gift of Bath & Body Works goodies. Back when we were first invited I told my goddaughter Debbie we needed an unusual idea. Her response? "I'm on it!" and she was. Debbie never disappoints! Jessica opened her bag containing a tiara and a black feather boa. It was clear who was the Birthday Girl!

They have a large room full of tables covered with every possible form of chocolate - cake, truffles, pudding, mousse..... And a few non-chocolate things....lemon meringue tarts, rice pudding.

And of course, the requisite chocolate fountain with various things for dipping.

It was incredibly indulgent. Everyone had a great time.

And thanks so much to Mark, Jessica's husband who helped pull this together. Guess who else got presents? All of us. We each got a gift box with chocolate goodies - a chocolate poem, the Willie Wonka soundtrack CD.....M&M lip smacker.

We don't see a lot of Jessica because she lives in Vegas, but I get to see her again next month at Blog World Expo.

Happy Birthday Jessica!!

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