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More Japanese VHS Goodness Docked Up Over On At The 'Bay ...

January 2011

Happy New Year folks. Hopefully Santa was good to you and didn't damage any of those super shiny DVD delights during his decent down your chimney, or Faux fireplace - hey it is the 21st century after all !.

As we collectors know all too well, all that is shiny is not necessarily Gold when it comes to our treasured movies. Here then is another opportunity, and the first from me in 2011, to trade in the tangerines and knitted jumpers to get yourselves the present that you really wanted.

Please check out my recent new listings on Ebay for another small sampling of Original Japanese NTSC Video Tapes. All in Fantastic shape with those Fabulous inserts with glorious artwork that the Japanese do so very well.

More Tapes to follow in the coming weeks, including some rarities on both the PAL Format and some of those often even more obscure movies released on Greek VHS. Hey, I may even post up some Laserdiscs for those that may have been around in the day when Super Shiny platters of movie goodness were the bench mark for home viewing excellence.

Thank you once again to all who frequent Ballistic Blood Bullets, and for taking the time to check out the films that I have on offer over at Ebay. I really do appreciate it, and aside from the obvious benefit of making some extra cash it is personally satisfying knowing that these much treasured movies find another good home.

Here we go then, please see the VHS covers below, which are true representations of the actual films that you will receive, along with the Ebay Auction links to cast your eyes upon at your leisure.

Thank you.







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