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Bad To The Bone

I had a topic for today, but my brain is frazzled. We're still working on that bathroom remodel, and had gotten very close to the end when Greg's knees gave out. He had to rest and recover. That wouldn't have been a big deal but I had already asked the glass guy to come over and take measurements today. I had to cancel.

There are four critical areas that need to be finished before the glass guy can get accurate measurements. Unfortunately all those areas are stone work, expensive pieces that need to be cut precisely. I would never trust myself to cut stone. I have to wait for Greg.

I kept him on the couch all weekend with an ice pack and Naproxen while I fetched and carried. I had to ask the glass guy for yet another extension while I wait for hubby to recover.

After this project is done I want Greg to go to the doctor and see about getting his knees replaced. 

We wanted to get them done done in 2020, but that's when that pesky pandemic started. 2021 was no better.

I don't think he should wait another year. He's in terrible pain all the time.

Here's what I know about joint replacement from friends and family who have had them done.

  • A good surgeon is key.

  • Diligent physical therapy defines how quickly you regain mobility.

  • And finally, women can handle both knees done at once, but never attempt it with a man. A nurse told me this while I was visiting my elderly neighbor in the hospital after her knee surgeries. She said her male patients were big babies while the women (regardless of age) just toughed it out. 

Knowing my baby, he's better off doing them one at a time. He might wimp out of the second surgery, but I'm good at nagging.

So I'd like to put it out there. Have you, or someone you know had a joint replaced? What was the experience like?

Meanwhile, spring has sprung by me. All the trees are leafing out. How is it where you are?

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