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Back To School Tips for First Years

Hello Fabulous Internet!
This is mostly for first years starting secondary school in Ireland but these tips can be used for anyone starting a new school. I hope these help!

1. Try to get to know where everything is
This one helped me a lot as a first year. I had a map in my school journal and I put stars on the rooms I had classes in. If you don't have a map in your school journal ask an older student to draw out a map for you or if the school has a giant map take a picture of it and refer to it when you need it.

It is hard to see but I put stars on the classrooms I was in.

2. Use your locker
Please don't carry a day worth of books in your bag, your back won't thank you and neither will your bag. Go to your locker before school starts, during you breaks and lunch and after school. So in the morning, put all your books except the ones needed for the first set of classes into your locker. Then at your breaks and lunch bring the books needed for the next classes. At the end of the day, get the books you need for your homework or study. Don't bring unnessessary books around with you, that is just extra weight in your bag.

3. Bring Spares
Bring spare money for food, locker keys, house keys for the day when you over sleep or something happens and you forget your money for some reason. The best place to leave your spares is in your bag as if you forget your money and your locker key then there is a problem.

4. Be organised
I know this is easier said then done but this will help you a lot. The best thing to do is to pack your bag the evening before as you won't forget anything by using this way. Also to do all your homework the night you get it or do it as you need it. Keep track on doing homework by ticking it off or drwing a line through it. Like I said in point 2 use your locker. 

5. The friends you have going in, may not always stay your friend
I know, I know, this might sound crazy but it does happen. For me personally the friends I went in with aren't the friends I have today. People change and you change, so you are going to make new friends from different areas. In first year, I made a few friends with people I might have not known ever if they weren't in one of my classes. 

I hope these tips help you. If you know anyone going into secondary school, high school or your countries equivilant please share it with them.

See you,

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