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#58 - Orlando Mercado

What a card: Orlando Mercado had closed out his career with the Mariners by the time the 1985 season had begun. Seattle dealt him to Texas on April 4 of that year.

My observation on the front: A pretty cool photo of a throw down to second base, even if it's almost positively just during pitcher warm-ups.

More opinion from me: Seattle always seemed to produce players like this during its first 10 years, fringe guys who could barely hit or pitch.

Something you might know: Mercado played for eight different teams as a career backup catcher, finishing with a .199 batting average. He has been a coach in the Angels organization the last 10 years.

Something you might not know: Mercado is one of four players who hit a grand slam for his first major league hit. It came Sept. 19, 1982 against the Rangers. As part of an eight-run fifth inning, Mercado launched one out against Texas pitcher Steve Comer.

My observation on the back: I think it's appropriate that the trivia question is about the lowest leading batting average with all of those .118, .227 and .215s sitting just above it.

The blog wants to speak now: Just a quick update of the Pop Culture tab with some big Hollywood news. If you're into that kind of thing.

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