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Situated in the heart of the Sila Grande, 30 km from Cosenza and 1.200 metres of height above the sea level, the Torre Camigliati represents a typical example of the Calabrian (in particular Silane) baronial residences. The residence, a real monument of national interest since the XVIII century, is surrounded by 60 hectares of a natural and private park, with wonderful secular threes, streams and multicolour meadows which will let you having an ideal stay.

The Torre, a majestic three-storey building, has been inhabited by the Barracco Barons until the beginning of the last century. After this period and because of the agrarian reform in the 1950 which decreed the end of the latifundium, the Tower was completely doomed to abandonment and decadence.

Since 2001 and thanks to the careful restoration and the recover of furnishings of elegant simplicity, typical for the baronial Calabrian houses, the Torre Camigliati has been transformed in the center for the Old Calabria Park, the Norman Douglas and The travellers of the Grand Tour by living, then, a new life as a cultural center for the development and promotion of the region. Indeed the center with its activities is a project aimed at promoting awareness and knowledge about the inland areas, with the purpose of valorising the cultural and environmental heritage and discovering customs, habits and traditions.

The Torre Camigliati is opened during the entire year and it is composed by a charming guestrooms, spacious living rooms and the breakfast room which serves the 12 rooms (each one with its private bathroom), 6 doubles, 2 suites (each one composed by 1 double, 1 twin and one shared bathroom), and other 2 double rooms characterized by the simple and elegant style of the Torre, with antique decors for letting you revive the same ancient atmosphere of the nineteenth-century patrician house.
The Torre Camigliati includes, in the adjacent cottages, 7 small apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room with kitchen and fireplace, TV and WI-FI service. The residence has the Picnic area and an equipped stables able to house up to five horses. We organize visits in the most artistic points of interest of the area as well as excursions in the most beautiful and naturalistic riches of the surrounding territory.

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