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Ronin Buntai

Here are my two Buntai that i have painted for Ronin games. I'm never going to do Samurai on a large scale as i don't have enough enthusiasm to do it so this level of games is perfect for me.

Played a game of Ronin a few weeks ago and loved it. I never took pictures of the game as i shamefully played the game with half painted figures....oh the shame!!!!

The Koryu are based on the Seven Samurai movie characters and also the fantastic paint guide by Kevin Dallimore.

For the Bushi Buntai i was unsure about Clans for the Mon so i made my own......Well kind of. I'm a big follower of Hamburger SV as my 2nd team and go over to Germany at least once a year to see the team. When i was looking for ideas i was thinking well they will be blue for sure and then i thought of the HSV badge and how it looks like a Japanese Mon. So i now have my own HSV Buntai :)

Overall im ok with these minis but after taking pictures i was slightly disappointed as i always feel they look much better in the flesh than the camera.

Next up should be my first 12 Border Reivers from Crann Tara and i have just started the first squad of my 7th Batt Kings Own Scottish Borderers Paratroopers for Oosterbeek.

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