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Review : Sleek i-Divine Palette

Hello beautiful~

Sleek in the house baby! 
*untuk dia hey, untuk dia hey*

No, not that group Sleek. This is makeup-Sleek. They're the UK cosmetic brand that provides an array of pretty awesome quality makeup with affordable price. I have only owned the contour kit & blush by 3 (which is GAHHHH so beautiful & pigmented!) and I've been scratching my entire body (armpit included) to try their eyeshadow palette. So when my favorite online beauty store, Luxola was having 30% off sales, gila kau tunggu lagi. Pelepap terus klik laju-laju mouse and placed my order on the Sleek i-Divine Palette.

I got the Sunset and Ultra Matte V1 & V2 (these two bundled together) palettes. Lepas discount the total RM melayang for these 3 gorgeous palettes was RM102.50. 1 palette contains 12 eyeshadows. So RM102.50 divides by 3 palettes with 12 eyeshadows in each palette, well you do the math. 

Okay, don't bother. It's ~RM2.85 per eyeshadow pan. How can you not faint over that? HOWWWW?

Let's get to the review shall we now?

The palette comes with a sleek black sturdy packaging. A+ for the packaging as it is very simple and compact, so convenient for travelling. Not too small and not too bulky. Just nice, just nice.

 Love the box packaging too. Can't go wrong with black box with splash of bright colors.

i-Divine Sunset
The palette's name says it all. It consists of 12 eyeshadows color inspired by the color of sunset; some reds, oranges & browns. This palette is by far my favorite one out of the three. The texture of the eyeshadows is so buttery and smooth with rich & intense pigmentation. Tangkap leleh beb.

I love how the vibrant colors have the right amount of shimmer. Not too subtle that you can barely see, and not too in-your-face glittery. My favorite eyeshadow colors from this palette are definitely the red coppery brownish colors ; #2, #3 & #8. They are soooo soooo creamy and buttery that you might spread it on your waffle. Dan kemudian apabila renyeh/sengih, kelihatan lah matahari terbenam di gigi.

Overall : 4.5/5
Will I buy it again? : Yes omg yes omg yes yes (over sangat, lempangkan please)

i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1
This palette consists of 12 bright & pop matte eyeshadows, which frankly is my least favorite palette. If only the pigmentation is as intense as the eye-catching fun colors, I'd go loco on this palette. 

The texture of the eyeshahows is very powdery. Macam bedak. I was hoping the colors would be opaque macam Buncho crayon.  The color is there, tapi rasa berasap jugak la tangan nak swatch. I wonder if my palette masuk angin..? Haha. But I was fairly surprised to see the white colors (floss, crete & pow!) showed up well on my hand. I didn't have much expectation for the light colors especially since they are matte.

Overall : 3/5
Will I buy it again? : No. Tak mau tak mau

i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2
This palette has taken me by surprised as well. The dark colors are pretty pigmented and smooth. Except for the white ones. Dipandang malu, di swatch tak mahu bak kata orang. Orang mana kata aku pun tak tahu.
All the dark colors are exceptionally beautiful. Love love. My absolute fav colors are Maple, Villan & Fern.

Overall : 4.5/5
Will I buy it again? : Of course jemah oi

All in all, I think Sleek palettes are great to have and definitely worth the money. Some came out quite 'mehhhh', tapi lumrah dunia makeup lah tu. If you are planning to buy, I highly recommend the Sunset and Ultra Matte V2.

I'm so excited to play with the palettes. Will definitely come out with new eyeshadow look using these palettes soon.

Till my next review,
Toodaloo yauwl~

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