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Review: Battlekiwi Church

- with Greg

This is a kit I've been wanting to get my hands on for some time and now, I finally have it! It's definitely taking pride of place in my terrain collection! I love it so much, I even filmed a video review to accompany these words!

The Battlekiwi Church IS A MONSTER on the table! It takes up some serious real estate when it's placed down.

The parts of the tower and the roof are all removable allowing for troop access to the inner sanctum...

The laser-cut detail is really nice as well meaning that you don't actually need to paint this one if you dont want to.

Obligatory action shots!

This kit can be ordered from Battlekiwi now, using the link below and if you use the code BEL5 at check out, you'll get a 5% discount!


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