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Pootling onwards and upwards

Thanks, gentlemen! The visa process is slow and the USCIS website info is as clear as the Mississippi. As my wife says, everything got so much more expensive and complex post 9/11. The green card should come once I get the next visa interview stage over with. And yes, I will apply for citizenship at some point.

Geoffrey, one of the guys I contacted is Blake Walker. He runs games at a local store (which stocks a nice line of Vallejo paints and other goodies, BTW =). As far as I know there's no particular scenario in mind for the upcoming game. Blake said he's in the middle of a painting frenzy and should have some British good to go for the game.
* * *
Spearhead 2009 is coming up on 8/8/09 at the St. Louis Mills Mall. A one-day event it has games ranging from Napoleonic through to sci-fi. That Saturday looks clear so I think I'll trot along.

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