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Palmers Skin Therapy Oil Review

Lets be frank here, for years drugstore skincare has been a little of a let down. I have always felt drugstore skincare has favorited oily skin types and mature skin types and left everyone else out. Not only did it leave us out but product innovation didn't seem like a high point either. BUT things are changing, so when I was offered to try a drug store facial oil you can bet I was all over that.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil is a blend of sesame, coconut, grape seed, sweet almond, rose hip, sun sunflower, apricot and Argan oils.Although the Palmers Skin Therapy is nutrient heavy it feels ever so light on the skin. Personally I use this oil as a serum and follow with a moisturizer on top. Actually the formula is so light it reminds me of some famous high end brands I've tried over the years. Could this be a dupe for Caudalie Polyphenol?

The bottom line is it doesn't matter Palmers holds it's own.

Another bell this oil boasts it the addition of Retinol. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and one of the only proven ways to reverse signs of aging. In addition to combating fine line retinol can also be used to erase sunspots and acne scarring.  In a nutshell Retinol speeds up cellular turnover, which for us means newer fresher looking skin faster. The problem with retinol is it can be irritating and can also lead sun damage. Luckily for me the Palmers did not lead to any irritation to my skin, instead it left my skin hydrated and bright.
As for the sun damage I can't stress how import it is to wear sun screen daily... but that is another post.

As for the whistle Palmers also contains Vitamin E. Again another magical skincare ingredient that brightens up the face and works beautifully with the retinol. Actually I like that this contains both retinol and vitamin e, because it makes it a one stop shop to my routine.

Basically, if you haven't noticed the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil has got it going on. If this bottle was unmarked I would have bet this cost a small fortune. Luckily Skin Therapy doesn't cost a fortune. Nope people this dream oil costs around the $10.00 mark at you can get it at your local Walmart. In addition to being a great product this oil also contains no parabens, phthalates and it's dermatologist tested. 

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