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MAC mascara X review

MAC mascara X has been on my 'to try' list for a long time, years even. I just never picked it up because every time I go to MAC I'm too busy looking at all the new limited edition collections!

MAC's decription:

'Creamy formula builds glossy, natural-looking volume. Quickly coats lashes from root to tip. Keeps them light and flexible. The soft fibres of the football-shaped brush deliver maximum payoff. No smudging.'

Everything described is totally accurate about Macara X. 'Maximum payoff' is a pretty loose term, if you are expecting something dramatic you won't find it with this.

The football shaped brush:
Wearing 3 coats of mascara X:
This mascara delivers a little length, a little volume and some definition. It goes on very thin, but it is buildable. It really needs two coats or more for any amount of impact. It doesn't clump easily when adding layers, which is great. The formula is good, it doesn't flake or smudge.
It has a slight rose scent, it doesn't bother me because it isn't strong.
Overall, it's decent if you want your lashes to look natural, but for someone who wants drama this is not the mascara to pick.
For the price, I do not think this mascara is all that. The results are comparable to Maybelline great lash, just a little bit of length and volume, and nothing more.

Repurchase? No

Price: $17 CAD

Rating: 3/5

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