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Okay before getting to work(finally) on my Top 5 Anime Endings I want to dedicate a post to our dear friend Lisa who is today having her birthday. Well actually for us this is Monday but since she is in China for her today is her birthday...but anyways getting out of these stupid trivia...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!! I am very happy to congratulate you in both my part and in name of the Underworld Trio. Since this is the first birthday ever celebrated on our awesome blog(very modest also XD) I guess Ill have to at least say some words: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Nah okay lets get serious on this one for a change...sorry Albus...

"Well I really didnt get to know Lisa much, she rarely ever spoke, she is probably one of the most silent people I have ever met, however even if none of our conversations exceeded fifteen words I still think she is a very awesome person. First of all she definitely is the most creative girl I have ever met, she even has her own monument in school in the computer lab consisting of a camera she made, not many of the...like 400 generations of students that have crossed on our school can say that really! Next she was quiet a nice person even though I am told she was evil enough to conquer the world someday *cough* Anette *cough*. I was glad to have been able to meet her even if it was for the short time of a school year and I hope the best for her on her birthday and on every day of her life!"

Well this post was exclusively dedicated to wishing her a happy birthday, as always thank you all people around the world for reading us, I already started working on my Latin Ending post so keep following us please!

The Machine-user, Danny

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