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Getting to Know my Neighborhood

As you may (or may not) know I have moved twice this year! Ahh, let me tell you about some stress :) But I'm finally in a place that I feel comfortable in and the animals have settled in as well. Since they're much more comfortable and relaxed now, I've been able to go about and about and explore my area.

I now live in Lakewood, CO near Golden... which is my favorite place in Colorado! I'm close to my family, who've been a wonderful support for me, and all the places I love.

My first foray out in the neighborhood was to Casa Bonita, a famous restaurant detailed in a certain South Park episode. I hadn't been there in something like 15 years, so when a friend wanted to go I thought it'd be fun. If you haven't heard of Casa Bonita, it's hard to describe, but I'll try. It's basically a Mexican restaurant that's jungle/pirate/miner themed, LOL it's a little all over the place. But they have an indoor waterfall and divers for entertainment which is awesome.

It's a lot hokey and a little fun and has great sopapillas! I would not recommend any of the other food though, this is purely an ambiance type of place.

Next my mom, grandma, and I decided to take a stroll in downtown Golden. We looked at the antique shops and local boutiques. The shops are a nice mix of handmade, country, and antique aesthetics. I really enjoyed just people watching, walking along Clear Creek, and seeing the local handmade items for sale. It was a really fun day... and it doesn't get much better than this welcome sign!

Then my brother and I decided to go for lunch in Belmar. This was once the site of a mall which was torn down for an outdoor mall/luxury apartments/business center/whatever else it wants to be. It's a fun place to walk around with great shops, cafes, restaurants, and bigger stores. It's a pretty popular place so I decided to use the OpenTable website to reserve a table at a restaurant. This site (and app too) is like a reservation maker and Yelp all in one. You can find local restaurants, read reviews, and browse Top 10 lists (such as, Neighborhood Gems, Best for Brunch, etc...). So I searched the website and decided to try Little India in Blemar. I also found some restaurants that I'd never heard of but am dying to try!

I'm not normally a fan of Indian food, but my brother's into it so I thought I'd give it a second chance. We got the lunch buffet so I could try an array of food. And let me tell you, I'm a convert! I love Indian food; it's spicy and flavorful and just so delicious. My favorite food at the buffet by far was the onion chutney in naan bread. It's raw onions covered in spices; I know it doesn't sound special, but the spices make all the difference in the world. It's just so good!

I also tried tandoori chicken, chicken vindaloo, curries, and carrot pudding (which I love and need to recreate!). Everything was really good and I ate my fill for sure.

I've really enjoyed reacquainting myself with my new neighborhood. I've especially enjoyed be able to focus on spending time with friends and family. I hope all of you get a chance to explore or re-explore your neck of the woods, it really feels good to see the sites in your own backyard.

This post was solicited by OpenTable, however, all opinions are my own.

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