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Chicago Gets a Little Cleanup: Sox Dump Dirty 30

The news slowly trickled in. First ESPN, then FOX, and soon the White Sox front page. The Sox did, indeed, trade Nick Swisher. To the Yankees, no less. The full deal is Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Texeira (minor league pitcher) for Jeff Marquez, Johnny Nunez (both minor league pitchers in the Yankee system), and Wilson Betemit. Betemit is a first baseman and utility infielder.

This deal puts to rest any rumors that may be remaining about Paul Konerko’s trade- now that we don’t have a backup first baseman and all... And it expands the White Sox budget just a tad.

The Yankees didn’t give up much- unless, of course, Williams knows more than we do and more than what the numbers show. But then again, either did the Sox. There is this little bloop by the [ESPN article]

Not even average

Nick Swisher in 2008 had the worst batting average among players with at least 502 plate appearances, the number needed to qualify for the batting title.

From the bottom up

Nick Swisher, White Sox


Daric Barton, A's


Michael Bourn, Astros


Jack Cust, A's


Mark Ellis, A's


Rickie Weeks, Brewers


Kevin Millar, Orioles


I told you he was one of [the worst players in baseball] this season! Then again, a blind German boy who spoke no English and had no knowledge of baseball could have told you that, too.

What does this mean in terms of center field? Either a big trade is coming, or it’s time for BA to put his money where his big mouth is. Or Jerry Owens. So far, that’s all I got.

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