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Armor of the Tritons

This shirt of scale armor is a work of art. Perfectly cut and polished scales of conch and turtle shell glisten in the light, highlighted by mother-of-pearl and coral trim. The scales, each a slightly different shade of blue or green, are fastened to a sharkskin backing with gleaming golden seaweed. A matching helmet made from a single large shell reinforced with plates of turtle shell completes the set. The armor is surprisingly lightweight and seems to cling to the wearer's body like a second skin. The armor radiates Superb alteration, and enchantment magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal its properties:
  • The Armor of the Tritons is Superb quality scale armor. When worn it is no heavier than a light jacket, and it magically alters itself to fit any roughly human-sized being.
  • The wearer gains the ability to breath water (fresh or salt) at will. They are comfortable in any natural body of water, from warm tropical oceans to arctic seas.
  • The Armor grants Superb swimming ability, allowing the wearer to swim as fast as a shark on the hunt.
  • The wearer gains the ability to speak with any intelligent water-dwelling creature.
  • Thrice per day the wearer can command up to six unintelligent sea creatures to do his or her bidding. These creatures will carry out a single task within their ability, though they will not risk their own lives. A Superb resistance check will allow the creature to avoid this enchantment.

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