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Andy 60's Music Trivia 2018 - Fun 1


All answers can be found on this blog.
Don't get dementia. Crack your brains.
Try some questions now, relevant to local pops only:

1. Two Quests members have passed away. Name one of them?

2.  What was the name of Sakura Teng's singing partner on stage?

3. Which Singapore pop group recorded the song, You're The Boy?

4. Which Singapore pop group recorded the instrumental, Selina?

5. Were the Crescendos a vocal or guitar group?

6. Name the lead guitarist for Naomi and The Boys.

7. What was the name of P. Ramlee's wife?

8. Were the Gaylads a vocal or guitar group?

9. Name the most popular hit song by The Thunderbirds.

10. Henry Chua from The Quests composed which instrumental hit?

11. Which song did the Malay pop group The Swallows make famous?

12. Which Malay singer recorded the Oscar-winning song, Born Free?

13.  Name a famous theatre in Singapore where many Singapore bands had performed?

14. Was Larry Lai a well-known singer, DJ or dancer in Singapore?

15. What was Sunny Low famous for in Singapore's entertainment circle?

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No prizes but keeps your noggin' goin'.

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1. Jap Chong and Reggie Verghese

2. Rita Chao or Ling Yuan

3. The Silver Strings with Shirley Nair

4. The Dukes

5. A vocal group

6. Robert Suriya.

7. Saloma

8. A Vocal group

9. My Lonely Heart

10. Shanty

11. La Obe

12. Sugiman Jahuri

13. National Theatre.

14. DJ with Rediffusion.

15. Sonny Low dancers.

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