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A Brewer Without a Card: Brett Carroll

Next up in BWoC, outfielder Brett Carroll. I actually used to own a game-used Brett Carroll Brewers jersey. I got it from the Brewers pro shop before the Miller Park 5-K for something like $25. I ended up selling on eBay after it hung in my closet for a year or so. 

As a Brewer: Probably the most forgettable part of the 2011 NL Central championship team, Carroll appeared in two games with the Brewers. He batted three times, struck out once, and never reached base. He actually only played in one of those games (a start in CF, no less). In the other he was announced as a pinch hitter, then called back when the Giants changed pitchers.

For his career: Carroll appeared in six different seasons, with the Marlins, Brewers, and Nats. In 324 career PAs, he hit five homers and batted just a tick over the Mendoza line. He did, however, rack up 1.6 defensive WAR - an elite number given his limited playing time.

His Cardboard Stats:Two appearances - in the 2007 '52 Rookie set and 2007 Topps update.

Why no Brewers Cards? Because I wore his Brewers jersey to more games (three or four) than he did.

Next Best Thing? I'm in the minority here, but I do not like the '52 design. I'll go with the nearly-as-ugly update instead. 

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