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2014 USA Fiction Challange: Colorado

The beautiful state of Colorado is the next entry in the 2014 USA Fiction Challenge.

Buried By The Roan

by Mark Stevens

The setting: Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness west of Roan Colorado.

When Allison Coil sets up camp before going to join the hunters she's guiding, she hears a branch snap in a supposedly empty field. She checks it out and finds a Colorado Rockies baseball cap sitting all alone. Later, one of her hunters goes missing and ends up dead, apparently after a drunken night out and the resulting hypothermia. Of course, there's more to it than that. Then there are two neighbors feud over property and natural gas, and some of her campers are getting really sick from the water. She gets help from a man named Devo, a survivalist who lives off the land and believes everyone should devolve and get back to their roots, and things are off and running.

Printing History
Written by Mark Stevens

People's Press (August 2011)

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